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July 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

Last week I drove the long ten hour drive to return to my alma matter, BYU, and celebrate the fourth of july right with all my friends Provo style.

I graduated in April and to say it has been an adjustment since leaving would be an understatement. I moved back home for an internship, some days it’s absolutely worth and others…it’s not. When I left in April, I left knowing I would be coming back in July. It gave me something to look forward to.

The past few months living at home has been an adventure, I haven’t lived with both my parents since I was in middle school, and my independence is something i dearly miss. But I don’t mind the fact that my bank account is getting bigger each month.

Provo doesn’t compare to the Bay Area, hands down. I loved going to college at BYU, best five years of my life (yes five, don’t judge). Going back for the first time since I graduating was strange, it was like coming home and returning to the place of many memories of the past five years. It was weird to see old friends who are still in the college life, and it made me nostalgic for the days when my biggest worries were getting an A in that class, or stressing about getting into the right classes. Now my biggest worries are will I ever have a career, or will I be living at home until I die? Will I be forced to work at the local TJ Maxx, where the most I could hope for is getting on the management track? Why is it I am a college graduate working at an internship for 15 hours a week paying practically minimum wage, when friends of mine who are still in school can find a nanny job that pays over $15 an hour? Was college completely worthless?

I hope not.

I wil always love Provo. The fourth of July was amazing It started off with some delicious waffles at the Awful Waffle. Love this place, I had been craving their waffles for about a month, it was truly delicious. I also love their decor they have, rustic and modern all at the same time. These table numbers are the best. We had a great time laughing and talking.



Chips is always trying to hide from the camera…


Lita and Joey had a great time singing along to country songs, while Chips and I just starred blankly at them, in shock and awe of how many country songs they knew.

After spending forever at the Awful Waffle, we went back to Lita’s house in Provo (pictured above) and planned out the rest of the day, which included a poolside BBQ and fireworks at the house with the best view in Provo.

The BBQ was delicious and filled with every typical fourth of july food you can think of.  One of the best things about Provo that I miss is the constant social activity. There was always something going on and people to hang out with. My days were filled to sooo much activity, now that I am home and my friends here are scarce to say the least my days are filled with….well not much.


This is the beautiful view of Provo I was talking about, prime location for watching the fireworks.


We had lots of fun waiting for the fireworks to begin.This is Lita and Joey doing….something, I really have no idea…

Our friend George was kind enough to let us crash his fourth of july party. The best part by far (besides the awsome view of course) was the homemade root beer.  Now no fourth of july would be complete without a root beer float. Best part of the night, might have even beat out the fireworks.


We returned to Ashley’s house, probably the cutest house in Provo, and continued out celebration with….more fireworks!!


Sparklers are so fun, the closed you can get to actually holding fireworks in your very hands 🙂


The rest of the weekend was filled with so many good memories, that it would possibly take my days to write this post, but alas I will wrap it up.

I was sad to leave Provo, especially because this time i dont know the next time I’ll be back. I guess I have been having a hard time accepting the fact that college is really over. These steps I take post college and the decisions I make can change my life from one day to the next. I miss the easy going, relaxing vibe of Provo. The feeling that everyone around you is in the same boat as you, just trying to figure it all out, whatever that might mean.

Here, now in the real world I guess, I constantly feel as though I need to have “it” all figured out. Hopefully one day I will…maybe after I move out of my parents house.


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