discovering san fran once again

July 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

When I decided to move back home after college I made a promise to myself during hour 9 of the 11 hour drive, that I would re-discover my hometown. I was still trying to convince myself that moving back in with my parents at 23 was going to be ok. If I was moving back to where I grew up, surrounded by the familiar then I would do my best to experience new things and go new places. And so far I have been pretty successful, well at least according to myself, and really these days thats all that matters.

Even though I grew up just 20 min outside of San Francisco there are still so many things that I have not seen or experienced here. So my parents and I took a little mini vacation this weekend to explore San Francisco. My mom had a conference for work and my dad and I decided to join her on a little adventure to the city.  Apart from my brief job in the mission district in San Francisco, I hadn’t really been back since I’ve moved home.

We arrived Friday afternoon, and with our iphones in hand we went out in search of a restaurant that was close to our hotel.  We found this great mexican place that reminded me of Cafe Rio, hmmm I still dream about their grilled chicken salad. I heard there is one in Berkeley but I have yet to check it out and find out if its an impostor or not. One can only hope. The food could not compare to Cafe Rio but it was a close second. Afterwards we took to the city on foot, and walked, and walked, and walked.

The next morning we ventured out to to the farmers market on the pier. I had been once before, so I was not exactly discovering new things with this one, but my parents had never been, so it totally counts.

I brought my camera with me to snap and photographs of anything that grabbed my attention. I have always loved photography, I took classes in high school and one in college. I loved them but I always seemed to have a problem with the professors telling me how to take my pictures.  Its only a hobby, and I in no way claim to be a profession or even talented. Eets jus for fun.


I love taking photographs that highlight perspective

The place was packed! And it smelled delicious. I wanted to buy and eat everything. But instead I just sampled…everything…a couple times


Couldn’t pass up taking at least one…or maybe twenty photos of the delicious fruit they were selling

One of the things I love is typography.  I looooove typography, and had lettering. I wish I had the talent to do some really crazy awsome hand lettering. Hopefully one day. But for now I just collect pictures of gerat ones I find.


love the detailing here, especially how they used a bike in the letter of the B, so cool!!

Now I have never even ridden this ferry before, at least I don’t think I have. I have the worst memory, I know I have been on a ferry before….not sure if this is the same one.  But anyways I want to ride it someday!


another example of typography that I love, I love the different use of fonts, and its not overpowering


Loved the menu design of this stand, I just had to take a picture

We walked around the farmers market for a while, it was so fun just to wander from booth to booth and see all the different types of food and produce people were selling.

I saw this statue of an old man in the middle of the farmers market, and I thought it was kind of beautiful. Like a wanderer moving from place to place, doesn’t really have a place to call home but today he is surrounded  by people, community and delicious food.


He is just walkin toward the Bay Bridge…I wonder where he’s going


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