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My name is Marci, after I graduated from college…a few months ago…I kinda felt like a needed a new creative outlet. I studied art throughout college, but I never really bought into the whole sell my art for a living idea that they kept preaching throughout. One of my professors taught me, you have to be a little out of the ordinary to be an art major in college, but you have to be certifiably crazy to be an artist that produces and sells art for money.

I knew going into my major I didn’t want to be that kind of artist, I wanted to learn and explore different mediums and have the opportunity to stretch my creative muscles on a daily basis. After I graduated I floated around a bit, I was lucky enough to secure an internship at a letterpress studio near my hometown. But even with that internship (which I am EXTREMELY grateful for) I wanted to do something more.

No one really prepares you for what comes after college. Here you are a professional student who is just supposed to go out into the world and find a job?? Yeah right. We go to school everyday for most of our lives until we reach our early twenties, and that’s all we have been trained to do. Go to class, learn something, take a test to prove you were actually paying attention during class. But out in the real world…life looks a litte different. I knew how to do school, I knew how to keep up with assignments and turn in my projects on time. But working everyday for an income….

Sure I’ve held jobs before, I worked all through college and I had a blast! But a real job working 9-5, and you are supposed to have skills no one taught you, and years of experience for an entry level job?
It’s a whole new way of life that no one really prepares you for. I was lucky to get an internship semi related to my studies…but that just it, it’s only an internship….and it’s part time.

So back to the purpose of this blog and this rant…I wanted to have a creative outlet. I love watercolor and etsy, so I thought why not combine the two and start selling something on etsy. Now I know what you may be thinking, I thought you didn’t want to sell your art for a living…
This is true. But selling my watercolor cards on etsy is a much smaller scale and it requires much less sacrifice from me seeing as I can do this in my spare time.

The name of the blog theduckandswan comes from the idea that art isn’t always beautiful. Sometime you are lucky enough to get a swan if you will from your piece, but sometimes it’s more of an ugly duckling. It also refers to the idea that a work in progress can look a lot like an ugly duckling before it is finished.

The most difficult thing about creating art is to remember that your pieces won’t always be fantastic, but its important to remember that ones that are and not to be afraid to take chances and make mistakes.

For example in college, I took a chance taking a letterpress class. I just wanted to learn something new, it wasn’t even in my department, and I ended up loving it and it has guided me to many great and wonderful places in my life.

Anyways thats me and my thoughts on life, on art, and whatever comes to mind…which is basically what this blog is…summed up in one sentence…


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